The Best iPhone Money Apps

iPhone Apps that are a must.

iPhone Apps that are a must.

Apple's iPhone is more than just another cell phone; as millions of people have discovered.  The sky rocketing sales of the smart phone show that the device is more than just a fad or flash in the tech pan.  The iPhone combines style, functionality and a new level of technology never before seen in a phone configuration.  The iPhone has helped convert many non-believers into the Apple faithful and for good reason.

The iPhone has a laundry list of features that make it the best smart phone out there and that have sent its competitors back to the drawing board to crank out imitators to the crown.  Yet, the most impressive aspect of this new platform is the applications.  There are tens of thousands of apps out there covering anything and everything you could ever think of.  With more coming out everyday it's hard to stay on top of what is worth your time installing and what should be passed up.  While Apple is great at many things searching for and finding new apps is not the easiest thing to do in their App Store.

I could write an encyclopedia about all the apps out there but instead of devoting my life to that I have decided to narrow it down a bit.  I'm the type of dude that has got his mind on his money and his money on his mind.  It's no surprise then that I'm all about apps that help me keep my money in check and are finance related.  Here's a list of my favorite, most popular and arguably the best money apps available on the iPhone.

  1. Mint: The Mint app, from (you guessed it), takes all of your financial data and complies it in one place.  You can look at your checking, savings, mortgage, credit card and investment balances all at once.  It gives you a complete overview of where you stand financially all in one app.  This is killer if you're all about simplicity and ease of use; which I am!
  2. ATM Hunter: I try not to carry cash all that often because if I have it I tend to spend it.  Therefore, when I find myself in need of paper currency it's nice to know where I can access some funds quickly.  I can use the ol' iPhone to search out my bank's locations or I can hit up this bad boy.  If you travel a lot or are planning to be somewhere you don't know know the lay of the land then this app is great.  It would be cooler if it told you what ATMs you are more likely to get robbed at though.
  3. Bank of America / Wells Fargo Banking Apps: I'm going to go ahead and lump these two together.  I am a WF account holder so I use theirs all the time.  I was sitting in my chiropractor's office and realized that I hadn't paid my mortgage and it was due the next day.  Before you can say "PCs suck" I had signed in, checked my checking balance and paid the mortgage.  A confirmation email came through on my Gmail app and I was all set.  Most large banks have these now but these two are the biggest.  If you're a customer and an iPhone owner why wouldn't you use this?
  4. Tip Tap: This app allows for people to calculate tip with the click of a button.  This is one of the most popular apps out there so I had to include it, but honestly I don't get it.  As long as you don't take the slow bus to school or wear a helmet when you leave the house you should be able to figure out tip on a meal.  If it takes you longer to figure how much 20% (come on your cheap skate) of your Denny's bill is than to pull out your iPhone and open and use this app then you have problems my friend.
  5. E*Trade Mobile: E*Trade made their name and formed their business around the "retail", or amateur, investor.  Day traders could jump into the markets all on their own with low commissions and sophisticated trading software.  Now they have extended this to iPhone users.  Trading on the go has never been so easy.
  6. If you don't know who Jim Cramer is then you must have been living under a rock for the last 5 years.  Jim is the bald headed psycho of the financial world who brings you CNBC's "Mad Money" every night.  He also is an owner and contributor to online finance news service  With this app you get quotes, news articles and columnist's opinions on all of your stocks.
  7. Bloomberg Mobile: I use this in conjunction with's app to round out my financial data needs.  Bloomberg brings in political news that has an effect on the markets and offers a more global perspective than others.  I dig their style and scope.  If you're serious about finance this app is a must.
  8. Pay Pal: If you've ever used this payment system for sending money to someone or paying for an Ebay purchase then setting up the app is a must.  Pay Pal allows you to buy and sell goods all over the world with unprecedented security and peace of mind.  There is nothing like having all of that in your pocket.
  9. Daily Finance: A lot of people like this app but I have my investment apps bases covered.  I played with it one day and it does all that you need: charts, news quotes, portfolio tracking and what not.  I think it's so popular because it's free, easy to use and the app that is shown on the new iPhone commercial when they mention money apps.  That goes a long way in getting people to download it.
  10. Quicken Online: I don't use Quicken on my personal computer but I know a lot of people that do.  The couple that have iPhones have downloaded and gave this app a whirl and they love it.  You can sync the two through the online function so any budget, transaction history or anything else you have cooking.

The iPhone app world is awash in tens of thousands of apps.  Many of them are great while some are pointless.  It seems like every programmer out there is trying to make his name or a quick buck coming up with the next fad.  Money and the obsession of keeping track of your Benjamins will never go out of style though.  If you want to stay on top of your finance and out of the bread lines then check out these apps.

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