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Making your life easier should be everyone's goal.  Now, I'm not talking about renouncing material goods and wandering the Earth like Cain from "Kung Fu" or his inspired protégé Jules from "Pulp Fiction".  I mean the more ways we can find to decrease our headaches and get stuff done quicker and more efficiently the better for us all.  I'm a huge fan of working smarter than working harder; hey that's just how I do it.

Besides constantly scheming ways to make things run smoother and more efficient in my life, I am also a huge Apple fan.  Shocking I know, considering the blog and all!  So without further ado I'm going to break down the must have and more importantly free software any Mac fanatic should have to stream line their life.

  1. Quicksilver:  While technically this program is known as an application launcher it really can streamline your Mac use.  You can access any file or application with basically a single keystroke.  Quicksilver takes your hard drive and turns it into a giant catalog that you can easily browse and manipulate.  It takes repetitive acts and makes them easier and quicker to access.  You can access your files and applications without having them bog down your desktop.  This is perfect if you're taking notes in class or during a meeting and can't stop and wait for something to load.
  2. GIMP:  No I'm not sticking with the Pulp Fiction references; I'm talking about the open source (free) photo-editing tool.  If you need or want to do some photo editing but don't feel like coughing up the doe for Photoshop then this is the way to go.  GIMP is a serious editor and can take a little time to learn but it will definitely get the job done.  Why pay for a program or go through the trouble of illegally downloading it when you can grab this bad boy for free?  Now you can get rid of that red eye or edit out your ex-boyfriend from your photos for free.
  3. Chax:  This add on for iChat helps to clean up your messaging program and keep it all clean and nice looking.  I allows for more and better customization of iChat than the program by itself.  One of the best features is the notification aspect in the dock.  It's hard to miss an incoming IM with this bad boy running in the background.
  4. Adium:  Let's face it; not everyone has figured out that iChat kicks butt and should be the only messaging program out there.  If you have people on MSN or Google Talk in your life you can funnel them all into one chat program along with your iChat buddies.  Sometimes we have to cater to the slow amongst us.
  5. iAlertU:  This has to be the most novel and awesome of all of these programs.  We've all been somewhere public like the University Commons, library or the local Starbucks and had to get up for some reason.  You might have to go to the ladies' room, grab another drink or desperately try to get that hot girl's number before she walks out of your life forever.  We don't want to get up because we can't leave our expensive and awesome pieces of technology out there for any jack ass to walk away with.  Download and arm iAlertU and if anyone moves your laptop it will start to make loud alarm noises and even take a picture of the perpetrator with its camera!

These are a few of my favorite things in the world of free Mac software.  I promise they will make your life a little easier and solve a problem or two for you.  There are tons out there and this is by no means a definitive list but if you don't have these on your laptop you're missing out!

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