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At the same time many brick and mortar retailers claim slow sales because of Internet competition many Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users are using the power of the Internet to maximize their holiday shopping experience.

I personally hate shopping and I loathe shopping during the holiday season.  I'd rather be buried up to my head next to an ant hill and have honey dumped on me than stand in line outside of a Wal-Mart to bust through the doors to save $20 bucks on a TV.  Like most things in my life I find procrastination helps a bit.  By waiting until about a week before Christmas, or sooner (my personal best was December 23rd), I find that most of the bargain hunters and uber-shoppers are done.

This year I am prepared though.  Not only am I going to implement my standard shopping procrastination strategy but I am going to harness the awesome power of my iPhone to help me navigate this potential mine field.  While part of me doesn't want to share with you my iPhone shopping secrets at the end of the day I'm a good person, and I need something to write about.  So here you go; the best holiday shopping iPhone apps:

  1. Discounts Galore: Everyone and their brother is offering Black Friday, Cyber Monday and discounts throughout the shopping season.  In order to find the best check out apps like TGI Black Friday and Fat Wallet.  They will pipe the latest coupons and deals right to your phone.
  2. Nearest: While this isn't exactly shopping orientated it will help you locate needed essentials while shopping.  Helpful if you're in a strange town visiting relatives and need to find the nearest coffee shop, bookstore or pharmacy because you're little nephew decided to show off his tee ball skills on your groin (true story).
  3. Park n Find: This app is killer if you're shopping in a huge mega mall and easily get turned around while inside.  My sister is notorious for this as large shopping complexes make her lose all sense of direction.  With this app you use GPS to mark your parking spot and then can follow the map back.
  4. $ Checkout: I can see why some people might need this app but simple arithmetic has never boggled my mind before so I don't see the point.  It allows you to calculate your total bill with taxes and discounts included.  No matter how I feel though this one is pretty popular.
  5. Shop Savvy: This is one is all kinds of sweet if you have some time to invest during your shopping.  In my opinion shopping should be quick and dirty, like sex.  But if you're absolutely obsessed with finding the best deal then use this app to take a picture of an item's bar code and it will search online retailers for the best deal.  It might end up saving you some cash on big ticket items, or at least give you something to do while your girl friend is punishing you with an hour long trip to the candle store.  Did you know they make candles that smell like the beach?  I do now!
  6. Mall Maps: For the most part I am anti-paying for apps but this one is well worth the $2.99.  The Mall Maps app feeds you over 1,000 detailed floor plans of shopping centers all around the country.  I used this during a recent trip to a California Bay Area mega mall near my sister's house.  I was able to see where the stores I was looking for were located before I even got there.  I parked accordingly and was in and out before I knew it.  I was like a shopping Ninja, a shopping Ninja with an Orange Julius in his happy hands!

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  1. Aaron Goodmiller Says:

    Pricecheckah is better than ShopSavvy. It uses the great RedLaser barcode scanner, but gives you results from Amazon, eBay, walmart, overstock, as well as Google. It even let’s you put in your own stores.

    And at only 99c.

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