So Far, a Success: The Release of iPhone to Verizon

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The release of the iPhone 4 to the Verizon network came last week with anti-climactic results. Although both Verizon and Apple retail stores didn't have the crowds they were expecting, the release did surprisingly well in sales.  Verizon didn't release specific sales figures for February 3, when you could pre-order an iPhone 4, but representatives did say it was the "most successful first day sales in the history of the company."

An estimated 1 million iPhones were sold by Verizon following the release of the Apple product to its network.  Some preliminary reviews of the Verizon iPhone release assume the upcoming release of iPhone 5 has caused some buyers to hold out for a couple of months, since they expect the new model to be available this summer.

Both AT&T and Verizon are selling the iPhone for the same rates. The 16 GB version is $199 and the 32GB sells for $299. That's "an incredible deal" compared to the iPhone's original price, said Ben Stein from

Stein added: "I think the price point is an indication of how serious Verizon is at competing long-term to attract disgruntled AT&T subscribers to their service."

The phones for both carriers have the same features, including FaceTime video calling capabilities, HD video recording and a 5-megapixel camera. There is a software feature difference between the two carriers. Verizon offers a $20 per month "Personal Hotspot" feature, which allows the user to sync up 5 devices to the phone's 3G network. While AT&T's tethering feature only allows one computer to plug into the network for the same price. Physically the phones are pretty much the same except the mute button on the Verizon model is placed slightly lower than on the AT&T version. This may cause a problem fitting an old case on the newer version. All of the iPhone 4 accessories are compatible with iPhones on both networks.

AT&T uses GSM technology for their wireless network, while Verizon uses CDMA. Now, while AT&T's network can be used in more countries across the globe, Verizon has more coverage in the U.S. Now, people in North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana can purchase an iPhone with Verizon, whereas they couldn't with AT&T's network.

You can transfer your current telephone number to Verizon's plan, but don't turn off your old phone until the number is confirmed transferred. Verizon customers can keep their current voice plans, but must purchase a data plan with iPhone. The cheapest plan with Verizon that has the lowest amount of minutes, data, and texts will still cost you around $75, whereas if you purchase an unlimited talk, text, and data plan you'll be paying around $140 per month.

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