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Apple is money when it comes to combining sleek design, functionality and technology in all of their products. They continue to turn the tech world on its ear with constant innovations and new designs. In the process they have gathered onto them legions of Apple fans and somehow are able to squeeze out record profits in an economy that was teetering on the brink of depression.

At the latest reporting of just how kick ass the company is the Apple also hit its fan base with more killer products that are sure to make their competitors squirm in their seats. Sometimes it feels like Apple engineers watch science fiction movies and try to build stuff that looks and functions like we think things will in the future. One of their new products, the Magic Mouse, looks straight out the movies.

The Magic Mouse is more than just a mouse for your computer; it tosses away all of your old notions about what a mouse can do and is. To start the Magic Mouse is completely wireless. It uses two AA batteries to power itself so there is no need to have it plugged in for power. The entire deal uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer so there are no wires or wireless adaptors to get in the way. No one likes a cluttered workspace but it seems most people have simply accepted the fact that there will be wires coming out from every which way. Cut yourself free from all of that noise! When combined with a wireless keyboard you can lean back and work in any way that works for you. You're no longer tethered to the computer.

Apple's new mouse borrows technology from the iPhone and allows you complete and total control over the screen in front of you. Just like the revolutionary phone you can swipe anywhere on the sleek shell of the mouse to make the screen do what you want. You can scroll vertically, horizontally and even diagonally. You can zoom in and out just like you have gotten used to on the iPhone as well. The mouse is compact but offers a large area for you to manipulate the cursor.

One of the greatest functions of Apple's new gadget is its versatility. It comes set up as a one-button mouse but if you want a more classic feel you can change it to a two-button configuration. You can click anywhere on the mouse and it acts like a button. If you happen to be one of the members of the left handed minority you can set up the mouse to act accordingly with a quick change in the settings. South Paws can now use a mouse without having to adjust to our right-handed ways.

Besides being revolutionary in design and looks the new Apple Magic Mouse increases sensitivity and response with a new laser-tracking engine. This technology is far superior to current optical mouse designs and can more accurately track your hand's movements. It's sensitive and precise on almost any surface; it's so smooth and seamless the mouse is literally an extension of your hand.

It's the little things in life that make all the difference and the Apple Magic Mouse exemplifies that. You just don't know how great the improvements are and the differences they will make on the way you interface with your computer until you give the Magic Mouse a try.

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