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As you browse through chats and forums about the iPhone you will notice that few users have a problem with deleting apps. They do have an issue of the pesky little things mysteriously finding their way back to their iPhone screen later. There are two ways to be sure to delete an app and never have it show back up again unless you change your mind and want it returned.

Deleting Apps from the iPhone

Bring your iPhone to apps view and page through until you find the app you no longer wish to keep. Circle your finger around it until all the apps start wobbling and show an X in the upper left corner. Getting the Xs to show sometimes takes a little patience. This is a skill all iPhone users find themselves having to learn and most master after a few frustrating moments.

Hit the X in the left corner of the out of favor apps icon and a message will appear.

"Delete Out of Favor

Deleting Out of Favor will also delete all of its data."

Your choices are Delete or Cancel. Naturally, you are choosing to delete. A new popup now has a request for you.

"Please rate before deleting. Tap a star to rate"

You choices, here are "No Thanks" or to go ahead and choose a star rating. That's it you are done. The app is gone.

Or is it"¦

Even though you deleted the icon and all its data from the iPhone it is still in your iTunes backup data. When you Sync your iPhone on your computer the missing app will be noticed when iTunes tries to update the apps on the phone. A message will appear to tell you there is information on your library that doesn't appear on your phone and asks if you want the information back. This "˜information' is actually the Out of Favor app you deleted, so the answer is a firm "˜no'. The problem is if you don't Sync on a daily basis, or if you don't really understand the message at the time you see it there's an inclination to accept unwittingly inviting the application you deleted right back to your iPhone.

How to avoid the Information trap

If you think it is possible that you might forget before you Sync again then try deleting the application in both places. Deleting the app from both the phone and your Library ensures you will definitely never see it again.

Open iTunes on your computer. Select Apps from your Library options. Scroll down until you see the application you no longer want to keep. In this case, it is the "Out of Favor" app. Click once on "Out of Favor" app to highlight it. Right click on "Out of Favor" to get the drop down menu. Select Delete. iTunes pops up with the question

"Are you sure you want to remove the selected application from your iTunes Library? This application will also be removed from any iPod, iPhone or iPad which synchronizes with your iTunes library."

Hit the Remove button in this box. It will then ask if you want the files sent to the Move to Recycle Bin or Keep Files. You can keep the files if you might want to reload this application in the future.

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