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Dirty iPhone

As much as you love your iPhone unpleasant things happen to us all. Whether it was the call that came just after eating a wonderfully greasy burrito or needing to open the GPS app just after checking the oil level the truth is you can't always handle your best friend"¦um, the phone with the reverence you wish you could. Stepping out into the sun and trying to find the iPod app to open it betrays the truth. You can't see anything on the smeared and blurry screen. You are going to have to clean your phone.

Using the right products

No matter what your college roommate or the guy in the next cubicle told you do not use regular cleaning products on almost any PDA or electronic device. Especially with any device like the iPhone which sports a glossy finish on the screen using harsh chemicals is a very bad idea. It will not damage the screen to the point of being unreadable, but some substances can alter the appearance permanently. The sheen will be gone and reading the screen in certain lighting will become more difficult. While the stuff you find under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom might work fast, they are too strong for a job like this one.

When cleaning your iPhone or laptop this is the one time when following the directions really is doing you and your devices a huge favor. Go to the electronic section of your favorite store and get the items that are specifically labeled to work on laptop and PDA screens.

The items needed to clean the iPhone:

  • A damp soft cloth
  • The cleaning solvent
  • Q-Tips

Down to the nitty-gritty

If by some miracle you still have the cleaning cloth that came in the box with the phone, and it is still clean then use it. Because the surface of paper towels is rougher and has more grit than you might suspect you don't want to use them. The soft cloth can be one you find in the same electronics section as the cleaner, or you can use the same type you might use for polishing the car. The premise is the same. You don't want to scratch or mare the surface in the effort of cleaning it.

The phone should be completely unplugged and turned off. This way you won't accidently dial China or delete an app as you clean. You also want the iPhone to be unplugged from the USB before you start.

Find a spot where you have lots of good light to look the phone over carefully. Find trouble spots where there are smears and smudges. Tackle these areas first by spraying or pouring the solvent onto the cloth. Gently rub these marks away and then rub down the entire phone. Do not spray or pour the cleaner directly on the phone. Delicately use the Q-tip to get to small hard to reach spots.

Let the phone have a few minutes to dry off completely before turning it back on.

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