Black Friday Not as Cool as Apple Expected

Black Friday at the Mall

Black Friday at the Mall

Rumors had leaked awhile back about steep Apple Black Friday discounts which just didn't seem to materialize. While we didn't see the Apple mother ship stores offer the discounts we all hoped for it looks like large resellers of Apple products are stepping in to drum up sales for the tech giant.

Black Friday is usually a time where lovers of pure capitalism gear up for ridiculous sales and early morning door busters. Nothing that can beat waking up at 2 in the morning to be in line at 3. Use that time to plan your attack and visualize how you're going to fight off some blue haired grandma with well-thrown elbows or strategic tripping! I jest but seriously a Wal-Mart worker was killed last year because when they opened the doors a stampede erupted and the dude was trampled.

Obviously us Americans are consumer obsessed, materialistic beings. Our entire economy runs on it and for better or worse it's how this country works. Apple is more than just a juggernaut in the technology world, they are vital to retail as well. Not only do stores like Best Buy and other electronics retailers depend on them for sales but online retailers like Amazon also get a big up tick from reselling Apple gear.

And let's not forget about the hundreds of Apple stores around the world. They have become Mecca for the Apple loyal to come and play with the latest gear, get their Apple stuff fixed and pump money into this lagging economy. Each Apple retail store is responsible for about $26 million dollars of sales a year. It's no wonder that Apple is building more when everyone else is canceling expansion plans. The new $40 million dollar New York flagship store is perfect evidence of Apple's plan.

Apparently, Apple's retail stores aren't getting into the holiday spirit as much as we all thought. They offered 8% discount to the Mac Book Pro and iMac lines for Black Friday only. The bad thing about their discounting is that it is a flat $101 off all lines. So while that is great for the cheaper Mac Book Pro the $101 discount off of the iMac is only a 5% discount.

The crazy thing is that Apple is allowing, either directly or indirectly, their resellers to beat their prices. is selling the 13-inch Mac Book Pro for $1050, a 13% discount. And these sales aren't just confined to retail stores or Black Friday. is beating both Apple and Amazon with their deals. They have 15 inch Mac Book Pros for $200 to $300 off MSRP, the 27-inch iMac for $180 off and the MacBook for a whopping $150 off. is offering these deals through December 2nd but they require sending in massive rebates. In the end though these are the best deals you're going to find on Apple computers leading up to Christmas.

Apple and others might offer better deals depending on how the holiday shopping season is shaping up. If Black Friday numbers seem off they may drop prices to encourage buyers to come in. Judging from the past performance of Apple though I wouldn't count on it.

If you need a computer this a great time to pick one up!

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